Red to Blonde in 5 sessions ✨

Hair, hair, hair. Let’s take care of it, but let’s also explore it. 

I’m going to tell you a story about a blonde who never thought she would be a blonde #thatgirlisme. Being a naturally pale person, like “nearly the colour of white paint” pale, I’ve always stuck with my darker colours. Dark brown, red, purple, black… my hair was just full of different colours. So of course one day I decided I wanted to try balayage.. of course right? 🤷🏼‍♀️ But that was it.. an ashy balayage only, nothing more. I told myself I would never go fully blonde because i wouldn’t suit it. 

Let’s just say the image on the left was me this time last year in 2016 (red), and the photo on the right is me right now..

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I’m going to show you this complete transformation in only 5 sessions! How this was achieved and of course who made this happen! 

It started in August 2016, when I decided I wanted to try balayage hair. Now at this point, I had pretty intense red hair, but it was also brown and purple toned in some areas. It was basically a hairdressers nightmare, to hear me want balayage hair with the hair I had. Not to mention it was UGGGGLLLYYY!

I felt like I was going to be shut down when I said what I was after, because when I got my hair dyed red (at a different hairdresser) they told me I would never be able to have balayage or lighter hair in general because it would be “too hard to remove the red”. So I was really hoping for the best.

The hairdressers I go to is Hair of Eden in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD Australia and without a doubt I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the world. So for any local Brissy gals or guys, get amongst it. Because your about to see just exactly what they can do!

Take one of hair transformation:

I was a nightmare, I rocked up in the late evening with red hair and basically wanted it to be light… Looking at it once Jamie was like “honey, nooo probably not gonna happen” We weren’t really sure what was going to happen to my hair or how it would take to the product but I just thought YOLO and away we went. Approximately 4-5 hours later at 10pm we were finished, we couldn’t get it any lighter than it went, even with the highest volt toner used in my hair twice! My hair went more of a copper colour, but Jamie and I actually loved it! It looked so unique and pretty! He even stayed late in the salon to get it perfect, which was sooo nice!

    Here is the very first before and after.

    Using some of the best high quality products, it kept my hair alive! I couldn’t actually believe it!

    I find a lot of people ask where a good hairdresser is that “Isn’t too expensive”. Prices are justified and you always get what you pay for! Sometimes you have to spend the money on good quality and a phenomenal end result!

    Take two of hair transformation:

    8 weeks later and I’m baaaack! So I took a sample of Olaplex home with me, that I would use as a hair treatment and when I’d wash my hair it would keep my hair light, and not go brassy but also made it feel incredible!

    So my goal for this next time, was to get rid of the orangey tones and have it more ashy. 

    And once again Jamie delivered! Slowly but surely that red was coming out! However, was being bloody stubborn. But what a transformation, it didn’t take long! From this point I was able to buy blonde shampoo/conditioner to tone my hair, and it doesn’t sound like much, but that was pretty exciting ☺️ 

    I’ve been using the Fudge Shampoo and Conditioner! I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on Fudge as many people say it’s quite drying. And although I do tend to agree it isn’t the most hydrating product I use hair masks and oils to add that moisture back into my hair! So it would be totally up to you. The hair mask I have recently started trying is the Oh Hello Hair mask, and it feels sooo good in your hair once you’ve washed it out. 

    Take three of hair transformation:

    And I’m ashy! I was totally in love with this colour because the red was gone! and I was at the colour that I had imagined it was going to be like the first time I had walked in (Now you probably think I was a complete idiot 😂) 

    This took three sessions to get to this point, so not many at all, considering the circumstances we started with. Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture for this photo but just imagine that it needed to be done and we can go from there. 

    Take four of hair transformation:

    At this point, we went light in the roots! Just to test it out, and I did really like it. It was something different once again. I’m all about dat change.. if you haven’t gotten the memo yet 🤔However, I did notice when I wasn’t wearing makeup I felt like being light all over washed me out a little as I am so pale, but once my regrowth started coming through (which didn’t take long at all) it wasn’t a problem!

    I always felt the need to go out and flaunt the new do, every time I got it done.. just so I made use of Jamie’s styling efforts! Who gets their hair coloured and styled and then just sits at home, right? So this time I matched the outfit, a nude skirt with my nude-ish hair 😏

    Take five of hair transformation:

    Stage 5, we are finally here! And what? I’m blonde 🙈

    From the very beginning I always said I wouldn’t be fully blonde because I honestly didn’t think I would suit it. But throughout every treatment and my hair starting to get lighter, I began to fall in love with the idea of being blonde.

    This treatment was different as they changed a few of the products they use, one of them being olaplex. They have recently reverted to Pravana – new toners with incredible shine and a stand out for me: Brazilian Bond Build 3 (B3), which is an “instant reconstructor” by restoring and protecting colour treated hair. For my hair to be quite dry naturally, this has really provided intense moisture and protected against breakage. A must-have that I now don’t think I can live without.

    I’ve never been so happy about my hair before until I met Hair of Eden. Who knows what’s coming next, but for now this is the goal hair colour I wanted to be! and Hair of Eden made that happen for me. 

    Don’t look for something cheap, look for results! 

    I hope you have found this transformation as amazing as I have! And ofcourse if you are from Brisbane or around that area, please go see Clara and Jamie at Hair of Eden! They look after you, always ✨❤️ 

    Instagram: @hair_of_eden

    See you in my next blog xx


    The Eyes are the Nipples of the Face ✨

    Wow the title, how inappropriate right? Well.. it’s true. You can accentuate your eyes in anyway you like. I find it fascinating that you can change an entire makeup look, by changing a few things you do in your makeup routine, and especially in how you present your eyes.

    Not even just that, but have you ever completed one eye and looked at the difference. How the colours you use uplift and open your eyes. The way in which you shape your eyeliner, and so on. Because, I actually tried this for the first time (generally I do the eyes simultaneously) and I was S H O O K, not literally.. but literally.

    Not my most flattering angle, but you get the point. It creates such a mask on your face, you can be who you want and look how you want with the unlimited sources we have. Makeup is art, and whilst I never did art in highschool, I find the makeup world so inviting.

    If I reach for one palette from the ridiculous amount I own, it’s always something neutral.. always. BORING, I know.. but! there’s so much you can do with them, and you can dress them up or dress them down. I find minimal room for error. My go-to is always the Too Faced Natural Matte Palette!

    To keep it simple and natural, I’ll just finish it off with some light mascara. To dress it up, I’ll always add some winged liner and some lashes! Don’t stress if your liner skills aren’t amazing.. I’m no picasso when it comes to lining my eyes, but I do have some tips and tricks on how to aim for a perfect wing, in which I’ll be making a blog on sometime soon.

    If you own this palette or you’re wanting to know how to create a sophisticated look out of the shades on this palette, I can give you some pointers or ideas to give you a hand.

    Cashmere bunny is my favourite shade on the palette. A soft, pale brown that is the PERFECT transition shade. Give your eyes some shape and open them up with this colour, use a nice fluffy brush, as we don’t want this to be too defined!

    Follow through with sexpresso (wicked name), a warm, dark brown tone. I find this the best shade to add depth to your crease and gives off a really nice finish! And then finally pick a colour to add to your lid, one that you find suits the overall look your going for. OR go wild and add glitter.. we all love a bit of glitter. But for now, for the purpose of this blog I either go for Risque or Chocolate Cookie, but it’s totally up to you!

    This palette is a really good starting point for people wanting to get into makeup. Start off simple and perfect your techniques with the simple shades and you can explore and practice for complex looks.

    Don’t do what people tell you to do because I was always taught that the brown tone eyeshadow looks are for people with dark eyes, however I have blue eyes.. and neutrals are always my go to.

    Three shades, three brushes and you have a new found love. You, in no way, have to follow these ideas, it’s just a simple look I find perfect for people looking for a new go-to. It’s beautiful!Much love to you my beautiful readers,

    See you in my next blog x

    The 3 Year Long Road ✨

    I’m taking this post to a new level and diving in to things a bit deeper. Thinking about where I’ve come from to get to this point, it’s definitely not the way I planned for things to be. 

    If I’m making a blog, I want my readers to know about me and understand where I’ve learnt my tips, tricks and knowledge and how hard and long my road has been.

    Graduating high school in 2013, the “real world” started for me in 2014. I didn’t take a year off, I dived into studying a diploma in Beauty Therapy in January 2014. Something that I could only ever imagine myself doing in life, and enjoying it. The course ran for a total of 11 months, and my weeks were exactly like high school; 8-3 Monday-Friday, with a couple weeks of holidays in between. The course content was heavy, and there was no room for error. I found myself to be better and better every week (waxing was the shittest thing in the world though 😂). 

    My favourite aspect of the course as a whole was makeup. It was by far the only subject I found the most interesting and valuable for myself. And surprisingly enough, any technique i learnt in my makeup class, I do not use at all today.. 🤔

    11 months rolled by, and I passed with flying colours and life was AMAZING. One week after graduating, I landed myself a job on my own in a local salon, within minutes of my house. I thought I couldn’t get anymore lucky than this, because the ladies I worked with were bubbly, bright and full of expertise to help train me in other areas. I started the week before Christmas so I dived right into the long days/nights (my very first shift being 12 hours long 😵). 

    Hours were high and the pay was handy, however things rapidly changed within months of me being there. The knowledge in my mind was there, I had so much to prove and show, but I was stuck doing the same 3 treatments, not learning anything more and losing my hours. I was working 2-3 shifts a week for around 4-5 hours. 

    Being nearly 19 years old at the time, I had dreams of travel and buying my first car.. I didn’t even have the money to get my license. Things just weren’t working and something needed to change. I ended up not having any work for 2 straight weeks, and I had to called things off. I was hired as a casual, but i was basically not working at all. I was called in to have a chat to my boss and I was basically let go as “There was no time to train me” and “They needed someone with more experience”. Fair enough, but I wish I was told that earlier instead of wondering what I had done, for two whole weeks. 

    From the beginning of May 2015- End of July 2015, I was unemployed😖. The highlights of my day were watching Ellen Degeneres and when my boyfriend would take me out (he was working casual hours and studying) so we didn’t get to do that a lot. Annnnd, I also didn’t have a car to see him, so we weren’t together often. This was pretty much a really hard time for me in my life because I felt really useless and worthless. There was really nothing for me to be excited about most days. I had dreams of doing something beauty related at home, but I didn’t have the money or the space to make that happen.

    I had a friend who works for the government and hit me up about a job going on in her old work and I was ready for anything by that point. It wasn’t beauty, so it wasn’t my first choice but I needed something! I won’t disclose specific details as this is a public forum, but it’s basically an office job. My complete last preference in a job, because I loved clientele work and working with lots of people etc. BUT it’s a job, and it’s the same job I’m still at and has given me many opportunities in life. I’ve been able to travel, and to continue to save for travel. I have my own car and so much more responsibility. I have an amazing relationship with my partner, because it isn’t based off him coming to see me or pay for me all the time – we are a team. 

    I’m now at a point where I’m ready to get back to the swing of things. Not to work in a salon, but to get back to makeup and paint faces. All my work that you’ve seen me do, I taught myself and have learnt off Youtube. My diploma never really went my way in life, and the only thing I got from my job in the salon was to do things on my own and be dependent. Life isn’t about doing what you think is always right, it’s doing what makes you happy. Don’t settle for anything less. I am happy, but I feel like there’s something missing. I redesigned my instagram page, and have created this blog in the hopes to add that extra bit of happiness back in my life. 

    Now that you have a big insight to my life, you’ll understand it was never rainbows and butterflies to get here. I went through a lot of disappointing times and a lot of let downs, to get to my happy place. 

    My name is Millissa Keding, I am 20 turning 21 in June this year, and I am living my life the way it was meant to be lived.. in happiness!

    See you in my next blog ✨

    Let’s talk skin care ✨

    If there’s one thing that some people don’t fully understand when it comes to beauty is skincare! 

    Here’s my brief take on the essentials:

    We live in our skin every single day, so its best to take care of it. A skincare regime is so, so important to include in your every day routine because our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have. Keeping our skin in balance keeps this barrier strong. Sometimes the hardest part is finding out what your skin needs. Whether you’re more prone to dry patches or an oily T-Zone, there are hundreds of brands and even more product available to assist you with any problem you may be facing.

    If there is one thing I spend big on (besides makeup) it has to be skincare. Drug store brand makeup may work for you, but drug store brand skin care is a big, fat NO from me 🙅🏻. When you think about it, you are rubbing mixed ingredients onto and into your skin to benefit and nourish. So many products out there, are harmful to our skin and you’ll find these products sitting in the aisles at your local supermarket. If you want to have clear, healthy skin, you need to spend the money on good product. You may cringe at the idea, but you need to jump on this bandwagon! 

    I myself have been through many brands to see what works best for my skin, and even still I go through problematic stages. I like to use a few different brands in my current skin care routine, and I feel like I benefit a lot by mixing it up. If the budget is a bit tight and you can’t seem to spend big on all kinds of items, these are usually the essentials that I recommend you start adding in everyday:

    • Cleanser

    • Exfoliant 

    • Serum

    • Moisturiser 

    • Eye Cream
    I will list below my skin routine and product i use everyday. Always clean your face twice a day!!

    Morning – 

    Skinstitut Lactic Cleanser, Skinsitut Even Blend Serum, Skinstitut Anti-aging sunscreen SPF 50 mixed with a bit of Skinstitut Ultra Dry Moisturiser, Origins GinZing eye cream.


    Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser, Skinstitut Lactic Cleanser, Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub (2-3 nights a week), The Body Shop Drops of Youth – Youth Concentrate, The Body Shop Drops of Youth – Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask, Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream, Origins Charcoal Mask (1-2 nights a week) 

    This is currently the products i use on a daily basis, however this varies depending on my skin. 

    Thanks so much for reading! If you want me to go more in depth on this topic, or review a specific brand/product, please message me!

    I will speak to you soon in my next blog 😘

    Instagram – @millissakeding_beauty

    Welcome ❤️

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Millissa, and I am a massive beauty guru and collector based in Brisbane, Australia! You name it, I probably have it!

    I currently hold my own beauty instagram page (@millissakeding_beauty) and ofcourse my own personal account (@millissakeding).

    My purpose of this blog is to reach out to a different audience, through text and share my thoughts, recommendations and experiences with all things beauty!

    Stay tuned as I will be blogging about loads of products (makeup and skincare related) and including hauls as i regularly have something new… and will touch base on all my favourite and non-favourite items.

    Makeup shops love me, my bank account hates me. 😘

    See you soon x