Let’s talk skin care ✨

If there’s one thing that some people don’t fully understand when it comes to beauty is skincare! 

Here’s my brief take on the essentials:

We live in our skin every single day, so its best to take care of it. A skincare regime is so, so important to include in your every day routine because our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have. Keeping our skin in balance keeps this barrier strong. Sometimes the hardest part is finding out what your skin needs. Whether you’re more prone to dry patches or an oily T-Zone, there are hundreds of brands and even more product available to assist you with any problem you may be facing.

If there is one thing I spend big on (besides makeup) it has to be skincare. Drug store brand makeup may work for you, but drug store brand skin care is a big, fat NO from me 🙅🏻. When you think about it, you are rubbing mixed ingredients onto and into your skin to benefit and nourish. So many products out there, are harmful to our skin and you’ll find these products sitting in the aisles at your local supermarket. If you want to have clear, healthy skin, you need to spend the money on good product. You may cringe at the idea, but you need to jump on this bandwagon! 

I myself have been through many brands to see what works best for my skin, and even still I go through problematic stages. I like to use a few different brands in my current skin care routine, and I feel like I benefit a lot by mixing it up. If the budget is a bit tight and you can’t seem to spend big on all kinds of items, these are usually the essentials that I recommend you start adding in everyday:

• Cleanser

• Exfoliant 

• Serum

• Moisturiser 

• Eye Cream
I will list below my skin routine and product i use everyday. Always clean your face twice a day!!

Morning – 

Skinstitut Lactic Cleanser, Skinsitut Even Blend Serum, Skinstitut Anti-aging sunscreen SPF 50 mixed with a bit of Skinstitut Ultra Dry Moisturiser, Origins GinZing eye cream.


Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser, Skinstitut Lactic Cleanser, Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub (2-3 nights a week), The Body Shop Drops of Youth – Youth Concentrate, The Body Shop Drops of Youth – Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask, Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream, Origins Charcoal Mask (1-2 nights a week) 

This is currently the products i use on a daily basis, however this varies depending on my skin. 

Thanks so much for reading! If you want me to go more in depth on this topic, or review a specific brand/product, please message me!

I will speak to you soon in my next blog 😘

Instagram – @millissakeding_beauty


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