The 3 Year Long Road ✨

I’m taking this post to a new level and diving in to things a bit deeper. Thinking about where I’ve come from to get to this point, it’s definitely not the way I planned for things to be. 

If I’m making a blog, I want my readers to know about me and understand where I’ve learnt my tips, tricks and knowledge and how hard and long my road has been.

Graduating high school in 2013, the “real world” started for me in 2014. I didn’t take a year off, I dived into studying a diploma in Beauty Therapy in January 2014. Something that I could only ever imagine myself doing in life, and enjoying it. The course ran for a total of 11 months, and my weeks were exactly like high school; 8-3 Monday-Friday, with a couple weeks of holidays in between. The course content was heavy, and there was no room for error. I found myself to be better and better every week (waxing was the shittest thing in the world though 😂). 

My favourite aspect of the course as a whole was makeup. It was by far the only subject I found the most interesting and valuable for myself. And surprisingly enough, any technique i learnt in my makeup class, I do not use at all today.. 🤔

11 months rolled by, and I passed with flying colours and life was AMAZING. One week after graduating, I landed myself a job on my own in a local salon, within minutes of my house. I thought I couldn’t get anymore lucky than this, because the ladies I worked with were bubbly, bright and full of expertise to help train me in other areas. I started the week before Christmas so I dived right into the long days/nights (my very first shift being 12 hours long 😵). 

Hours were high and the pay was handy, however things rapidly changed within months of me being there. The knowledge in my mind was there, I had so much to prove and show, but I was stuck doing the same 3 treatments, not learning anything more and losing my hours. I was working 2-3 shifts a week for around 4-5 hours. 

Being nearly 19 years old at the time, I had dreams of travel and buying my first car.. I didn’t even have the money to get my license. Things just weren’t working and something needed to change. I ended up not having any work for 2 straight weeks, and I had to called things off. I was hired as a casual, but i was basically not working at all. I was called in to have a chat to my boss and I was basically let go as “There was no time to train me” and “They needed someone with more experience”. Fair enough, but I wish I was told that earlier instead of wondering what I had done, for two whole weeks. 

From the beginning of May 2015- End of July 2015, I was unemployed😖. The highlights of my day were watching Ellen Degeneres and when my boyfriend would take me out (he was working casual hours and studying) so we didn’t get to do that a lot. Annnnd, I also didn’t have a car to see him, so we weren’t together often. This was pretty much a really hard time for me in my life because I felt really useless and worthless. There was really nothing for me to be excited about most days. I had dreams of doing something beauty related at home, but I didn’t have the money or the space to make that happen.

I had a friend who works for the government and hit me up about a job going on in her old work and I was ready for anything by that point. It wasn’t beauty, so it wasn’t my first choice but I needed something! I won’t disclose specific details as this is a public forum, but it’s basically an office job. My complete last preference in a job, because I loved clientele work and working with lots of people etc. BUT it’s a job, and it’s the same job I’m still at and has given me many opportunities in life. I’ve been able to travel, and to continue to save for travel. I have my own car and so much more responsibility. I have an amazing relationship with my partner, because it isn’t based off him coming to see me or pay for me all the time – we are a team. 

I’m now at a point where I’m ready to get back to the swing of things. Not to work in a salon, but to get back to makeup and paint faces. All my work that you’ve seen me do, I taught myself and have learnt off Youtube. My diploma never really went my way in life, and the only thing I got from my job in the salon was to do things on my own and be dependent. Life isn’t about doing what you think is always right, it’s doing what makes you happy. Don’t settle for anything less. I am happy, but I feel like there’s something missing. I redesigned my instagram page, and have created this blog in the hopes to add that extra bit of happiness back in my life. 

Now that you have a big insight to my life, you’ll understand it was never rainbows and butterflies to get here. I went through a lot of disappointing times and a lot of let downs, to get to my happy place. 

My name is Millissa Keding, I am 20 turning 21 in June this year, and I am living my life the way it was meant to be lived.. in happiness!

See you in my next blog ✨


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