The Eyes are the Nipples of the Face ✨

Wow the title, how inappropriate right? Well.. it’s true. You can accentuate your eyes in anyway you like. I find it fascinating that you can change an entire makeup look, by changing a few things you do in your makeup routine, and especially in how you present your eyes.

Not even just that, but have you ever completed one eye and looked at the difference. How the colours you use uplift and open your eyes. The way in which you shape your eyeliner, and so on. Because, I actually tried this for the first time (generally I do the eyes simultaneously) and I was S H O O K, not literally.. but literally.

Not my most flattering angle, but you get the point. It creates such a mask on your face, you can be who you want and look how you want with the unlimited sources we have. Makeup is art, and whilst I never did art in highschool, I find the makeup world so inviting.

If I reach for one palette from the ridiculous amount I own, it’s always something neutral.. always. BORING, I know.. but! there’s so much you can do with them, and you can dress them up or dress them down. I find minimal room for error. My go-to is always the Too Faced Natural Matte Palette!

To keep it simple and natural, I’ll just finish it off with some light mascara. To dress it up, I’ll always add some winged liner and some lashes! Don’t stress if your liner skills aren’t amazing.. I’m no picasso when it comes to lining my eyes, but I do have some tips and tricks on how to aim for a perfect wing, in which I’ll be making a blog on sometime soon.

If you own this palette or you’re wanting to know how to create a sophisticated look out of the shades on this palette, I can give you some pointers or ideas to give you a hand.

Cashmere bunny is my favourite shade on the palette. A soft, pale brown that is the PERFECT transition shade. Give your eyes some shape and open them up with this colour, use a nice fluffy brush, as we don’t want this to be too defined!

Follow through with sexpresso (wicked name), a warm, dark brown tone. I find this the best shade to add depth to your crease and gives off a really nice finish! And then finally pick a colour to add to your lid, one that you find suits the overall look your going for. OR go wild and add glitter.. we all love a bit of glitter. But for now, for the purpose of this blog I either go for Risque or Chocolate Cookie, but it’s totally up to you!

This palette is a really good starting point for people wanting to get into makeup. Start off simple and perfect your techniques with the simple shades and you can explore and practice for complex looks.

Don’t do what people tell you to do because I was always taught that the brown tone eyeshadow looks are for people with dark eyes, however I have blue eyes.. and neutrals are always my go to.

Three shades, three brushes and you have a new found love. You, in no way, have to follow these ideas, it’s just a simple look I find perfect for people looking for a new go-to. It’s beautiful!Much love to you my beautiful readers,

See you in my next blog x


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