Night out with Mirina ✨

Hi my lovelies,

Jumping on a new topic here, because I’ve recently come across a new accessory line that I love and have been dying to share! 

Mirina Collections gave me an opportunity to be apart of their collection in bringing all my followers the best of fashion. They range from statement necklaces, chokers, ring sets, sunglasses and more! To be apart of their team, I have been made a Mirina Girl, to bring you the best and give you the best. If you are someone who loves a bold look, or something that makes a statement, Mirina Collections is where it’s at!

I have recently received my first order from the group and I fell in LOVE! Turned my look from okay, to amazing! 

This here is the Delicate Crystal Chain, so bloody WOW! Absolutely stunning.

Apart of the deal of me becoming a Mirina Girl, I have been given the opportunity to satisfy all my followers and also the potential to be featured on their website. They have been so kind in giving me a discount code to share to all my friends, family and followers. 

Please, please, please go and check out this amazing collection line. You may open up the browser and think that this is quite expensive, SO! I’m offering my discount code to all of you to get your hands on some blingy goodness! Make sure to use the coupon code: Mirinagirl, when checking out to secure your discount of 20% off!

I have been that obsessed, I have another necklace and a pair of sunglasses currently being shipped over. Can’t wait to see all your beautiful pictures and for you to feel the same way as I do. Also, if you do buy from this website, tag them in your pictures so they can see you rocking your pieces! I’d love to hear from you if you would purchase from here, or would want to collaborate with me in the future ❤️

See you in my next blog xxxx


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